Kick start 2017 with the latest health trends

Tops 5 health trends coming in 2017

  1. Seaweed in all forms – chips, crisps & more
  2. Veggie burgers that actually taste like meat
  3. Jackfruit will be popping up in supermarkets
  4. New noodles – Zoodles
  5. Everything coconut – water, milk, oil

Get ahead of the game and start making your own healthy recipes for 2017, start a health cooking course today!

Food is just the kick start of your healthy year. 2017 is the year to make the differences that you want.

Has your skin been breaking out more often than you need? Are those gaps in your teeth still there? Are you bored of the same hairstyle that you’ve had for the past 12 years?

Non-Surgical Face Lifts

  • Non surgical face lift is well known for prevention of wrinkles and to lift muscles.
  • Face lift lifts face muscles, works on dropping jaw lines, lightens crow’s feet and smile line while This Microdermabrasion London clinic works towards the rejuvenation of the skin resurfacing the skin and clearing up scarring.
  • A non-surgical facial to tone, tighten and firm muscles in the face and other areas of the body.

Invisalign Treatments

Invisalign is new latest innovation in having discreet teeth correction treatments, this technology allows you to have the teeth that you want without having bulky braces or surgery.

This is the perfect solution for you if the gaps in your teeth are caused by; gaps because of lost teeth, small spaces between teeth naturally or spaces created by movement of teeth.

Intense Hair Colour Change

If you want a dramatic changein your appearance this is the option for you, this isnt about have a slight change in the shade of your hair colour, this is for blondes to go black and for brunettes to go platinum. 2017 is the year to make that leap.